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    Market Advisory Services

    At Market Advisory Services, we provide our clients with a perspective of the residential real estate market that goes beyond reporting the month to month change in listings and sales. We forecast, analyse, and create metrics that provide insights so our clients can exceed market performance. We take a quantitative approach to describe current activity in the same fashion that your buyers do so that you understand their perspective.

    Our approach is unique as we look at consumer or buyer segments as well as price and geography segments. Our typical analyses include 14 price segments including both new and resale residential information. We are partnered with Metrostudy for new home information and our clients include lending instituitions, developers and builders.

    Our geographical segmentation covers the entire Atlanta MSA and reporting can be by various geographical levels down to the school district. Reporting by school district makes our reporting capabilities unique and especially insightful for you the user as this is a fundamental criteria for many buyer segments in determining where they want to live. We also geo-code each real estate transaction so that we can early on understand the potential impact of school re-districting, incorporations, annexation etc.


    “In all my experience in Banking, Bill Evans is the most forward thinker that I have ever met. He always analyzes the situation and comes up with a solution that benefits all, and always follows through on what he says”

    – Brian Schmitt- President/CEO Southcrest Bank