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    Mitigation Banking

    Mitigation Banking

    A mitigation bank is a site where resources (wetlands, streams, riparian areas) are restored, established, enhanced, and/or preserved for the purpose of providing compensatory mitigation for impacts authorized by regulatory permits. A mitigation bank may be created when a landowner undertakes such activities under a formal agreement with a regulatory agency.

    The value of a mitigation bank’s resources is measured in credits, which are units of measure representing the attainment of aquatic functions at the mitigation bank site. The measure of aquatic functions is based on the resources restored, established, enhanced, or preserved.

    Since 2001, Our companies have:
    • Established over 15 mitigation banks, including the first stream mitigation bank in Georgia
    • Restored or preserved over 32 miles of stream
    • Protected over 2,400 acres of critical habitat, stream buffers, and wetlands
    • Planted over 330,000 trees that will never be cut
    Where We’ve Worked

    Fox Creek has established mitigation banks in the Chattahoochee, Flint, Etowah, Savannah, and Altamaha River Basins


    “Bill Evans is an outdoors enthusiast in his personal life and that has transformed his business philosophy about protecting the environment. Bill has also given a lot of personal property toward the betterment of nature through wetland protection and land conservation”

    – Dr. Richard Whiteside President/COO Corblu Ecology Group, LLC